Sicily map and Trapani: things to do and see

case vacanza trapani
  • "Santa Teresa" Holiday Homes

    An enchanting journey through Erice's history: starting inside its walls, step out the door and continue through the winding streets, past churches, castles and on to spectacular views. Find out more

  • "Brezza D'Estate" - The Residence

    Spacious, comfortable apartments perfect for families and stays all year round, surrounded by splendid vistas and freshened by the summer breeze. Find out more

  • "Brezza D'Estate" - The Baglio

    Indoors: intimate interiors reclaimed from a rural past, cool during the summer, where tradition and comfort go hand in hand. Outdoors: protected shared spaces, surrounded by the colours of the Sicilian countryside. Find out more

  • “Alle falde di Cofano” Holiday Homes

    Spacious, light interiors, and outdoor spaces where you can relax during the summer, just a stone's throw from the bright blue sea of Sicily. Also ideal for active holidays in the outdoors close to wildlife. Find out more

WHERE we are and distances from the Places of Interest

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Top of Erice

Trapani Port


S. Vito Lo Capo + Zingaro

Segesta / Selinunte / Agrigento

Saline  Mozia +

Palermo / Monreale Cathedral
“Brezza d’estate“ Valderice
33 Km
30 min.
72 Km
55 min.
9 km
12 Km
20 min
6 km
10 min.
28 +10 Km
30 +10 min
38 km – 35 min
53 km – 55 min
100 km – 1h 25’
38+10  Km
35+15 min
91 km / 77 km
1 h 15 min

“Santa Teresa”
40 km
45 min
80 km
1 h 10’

14 km

30 min.
15 km
30 min.
37 +10 Km
50 +10 min.
46 km – 48 min.
53 km – 55 min.
100 km – 1h 25’
50 +10  km
1 h + 15 min
115 km / 97 km
1h 25 min

“Alle falde di Cofano “ Cornino
40 km
45 min.
74 km
1 h
16 km
30 min.
18 km
25 min.
700 m
10 min.
21 +10  km
25 +10 min.
45 km – 50 min.
53 km –  55 min.
100 km – 1h 25’
45 +10 km
50 +15 min
108 km / 90 km
1h 10 min



An overview of Sicily and its western province of Trapani


Sicily (in Italian, Sicilia) is the largest region in Italy as well as the biggest island in the centre of the Mediterranean sea and is characterized by its varied landscapes and beautiful scenery.
This unique position as the meeting of many roads by land and sea, made the island the centre of the ancient world holding the monopoly on trade enriching the island's culture and beauty. A long history of invasion and conquest has resulted in a lavish mixed heritage: Greek, Arab, Roman, Norman, French, Spanish. This wide range of influences can be detected in the island's architecture, landscape, culture, cuisine and has blended to make Sicily a thoroughly unique destination.
Sicily has the highest average hours of sunshine in Europe: 2000 hours per year. The Sicilian climate is typical of the Mediterranean: winter is mild, autumn and spring are pleasantly warm and summer (July-August) is hot.
The west of Sicily, where the province of Trapani is located, can be visited all year round and each season has its own distinctive charm



The city of TRAPANI and  SURROUNDINGS : places to visit

The city of Trapani stands on the extreme western tip of the island, surrounded by the sea and Mount Erice, at the top of which lies the ancient medieval village of Erice with its pebbled streets and craft shops, from which the pearls of the Egadi Islands (Favignana, Levanzo and Marrettimo) can be admired.

Within its varied provincial landscape a wide variety of untouched habitats can be found (from coastline to islands, lagoons, mountains, caves and sand dunes) where it is possible to take part in activities such as bird watching as well as sports such as hiking and walking, mountain biking and rock climbing. These habitats include the Zingaro Nature Reserve, located between San Vito Lo Capo and the charming village of Scopello; the Mount Cofano Nature Reserve and the Palaeolithic caves of Magiapane-Scurati; the Salt Pans Nature Reserve of Trapani and Paceco; and the Stagnone Islands of Marsala including the ancient Phoenician settlement of Mozia.

From a historical point of view, there are archaeological parks, such as Segesta with its amazing Greek temple and amphitheatre where classical plays are still performed, and Selinunte which is one of the largest archaeological areas in the Mediterranean.
And we shouldn't forget San Vito Lo capo either, a small seaside village famous for beach holidays and its food festival known as the Cous-cous Fest.


10 Things not to be missed in Trapani and the local area

  1. Walk through the winding streets of Erice amongst the churches and castles and rest on a stone bench to admire the view of the Balio Garden, perhaps sample a Genovese hot from the oven
  2. Take a boat trip from San Vito to the Zingaro Nature Reserve and swim in the sea against the amazing backdrop of the Scopello rock stacks
  3. Take a tour of the wineries from Erice to Marsala, following the wine road amongst the green vineyards of the countryside
  4. During the Christmas festivities pay a visit to the live nativity set amongst the Scurati-Mangiapane caves in Custonaci, or at Easter attend the age-old Procession of the Mysteries along the streets of Trapani's historical centre on Good Friday.
  5. Take a walk around the base of Mount Cofano among the fantastic views, Mediterranean wildlife, caves, and Saracen towers, and take a dip in the blue sea of Cornino Bay
  6. Dive into the past among the ruins of the temple and amphitheatre of Segesta, enjoying the amazing sights and colours of the Sicilian countryside around you
  7. Go snorkelling in the blue sea of the coves in the Zingaro Nature Reserve and walk along its paths surrounded by silence and the scents of the Mediterranean wildlife.
  8. Lose yourself among the flavours of the San Vito Lo Capo Cous Cous Fest, or try the traditional fish cous cous in the restaurants of Trapani's historical centre, or those of the surrounding area, at any time of the year
  9. Follow the salt road and the old windmills between Trapani and Marsala with a boat trip to the Island of Mozia to visit the museum and end the evening with an aperitif at sunset looking out over the Stagnone lagoon
  10. Rent a bike and roam around Favignana between its various coves where you can enjoy a relaxing swim and visit gardens cut out from the ex-limestone quarries, all surrounded by the bright blue sea and gentle sea breeze


Local Cuisine

The territory of Trapani province is dominated by vast expanses of vineyards and olive groves. Indeed, some of Sicily's best wines (Marsala and Nero D'Avola among others) and olive oils are produced in this part of the island.
Fish and seafood reign supreme; north African influences can be found in the speciality of fish cous-cous. Pastries and ice-creams are famous for their richness, and among the treats are cannoli, a tube-shaped shell of fried pastry filled with ricotta cheese and chocolate or candied fruit.